Consumer Healthcare products are wide ranging and include OTC medicines such as herbals , cosmetics and nutraceuticals (vitamins and supplements). Within this sector are globally recognisable brands available without medical prescription in pharmacies and supermarkets, either by pharmacist control or by self-selection.

The increased awareness of consumers to the treatment of minor conditions, through both education as well as promotion, has led to the expansion of the Consumer Healthcare sector. OTC medicines comprise well-established active ingredients with well-known effects in large amounts of the population, over a long period of time. Irrespective of this perceived safety, these products do not have reduced regulatory and quality control burden.

SKS has worked extensively within the consumer healthcare industry for many years and therefore has acquired a comprehensive understanding of the Consumer Healthcare environment. Notable achievements include prolonging the success of certain renowned prescription drugs by reclassifying to OTC products, as well as other switches within the non-prescription category to GSL availability, in the UK.

As part of the service provided for OTC medicine portfolios, SKS can assist with consumer label and leaflet generation, user readability testing and full-range maintenance activities.

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