SKS provides specialist advice and consulting services in Regulatory Affairs and Project Management, acting as a liaison between Departments of Health/ Regulatory Agencies and healthcare product manufacturers and licence holders.

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 Expertise &

SKS works collaboratively with its clients, as part of an existing team or by facilitating in the sourcing of a team of Consultants, to provide full strategic and lifecycle regulatory solutions for the Healthcare Industry.

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 Acute awareness of the
dynamic regulatory landscape

SKS is a small independent and specialist consultancy, but its biggest asset is the combined knowledge and experience of Regulatory Affairs gained from working within Industry and in consultancy organisations.

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The scope of our regulatory service and expertise is outlined, but not limited to, each of the following service divisions.

For more information on our services, please contact us.

SKS Recruitment Services

  • We are non-target based, our sole aim is to deliver  a focused and quality staffing solution to our clients. Our explicit knowledge of the regulatory environment enables us to provide an honest, consultative and personalised approach to your recruitment needs.

    SKS can provide for all levels including temporary, contract and permanent positions. We can in fact fully manage or part manage your recruitment campaigns.